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PanelxPanel #46 - Out NOW!

The new issue of PanelxPanel magazine is out now!

Our features this month are all about the new Chris and Laura Samnee's new Oni Press series by Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters. We've got an interview feature with Chris Samnee, plus a series of essays on the two ages and viewpoints in the comic, the A to Z of YA and MG comics, monsters and kids fiction, wordless comics, a Strip Panel Naked, and more.

For our regulars, we kick off with a short comic with Matt Carr, Sergi Doménech, Josh Jensen, & Sean Rinehart. For Big Talk, Jim McDermott talks to James Tynion IV, Steve Foxe, Alex de Campi, Ryan K Lindsay and more about making comics outside of the Direct Market. Turtlenecks creator Steven Christie breaks down how he created his pencil-crayon look in Craft Corner. In our guest essay for Solo, Sara Century breaks down the demons of Love and Rockets' Izzy. And for Final Thoughts, Christa Harader looks at Paknadel & Simmonds' Friendo.

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