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PanelxPanel #51 -- Out NOW!

The new issue of PanelxPanel magazine is out now!

For our 51st issue, we take a look at Tyler Boss' brilliant Dead Dog's Bite. The apparent-missing-person mystery takes place in an odd town called Pendermills, as Joe tries to find what happened to her best friend. We've got a big interview with Tyler Boss, including some looks at his roughs and early notes on making the comic. That's followed by essays and articles from Tiffany Babb, Kayleigh Hearn, Sara Century, Gary Moloney and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou on various facets of the story.

For our regulars, we've got an interview with Liana Kangas and Scott Bryan Wilson about their comic Trve Kvlt, an examination into the legend of Italian comics hero Tex Willer, a trip down the scares of Proctor Valley Road, a Final Thoughts on Love and Rockets, and of course a short comic.

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