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PanelxPanel #68 - State of the Art Form

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PanelxPanel is the Eisner Award-winning digital magazine celebrating the medium of comics. It’s edited by Tiffany Babb and Strip Panel Naked host Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and features a rotating set of critics, fans, and professionals.

This issue is our State of the Art Form issue, featuring essays and discussion about where we see comics, problems and opportunities for the medium, and what we're looking forward to seeing in the future.

A true celebration of the medium with every issue, looking at all the elements that make comics an interesting art form and a great place to tell visual stories. This is a magazine that cares about comics.

Here's our contents for this month:

  • Where are Comics? A conversation between co-editors Tiffany Babb and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
  • Discussing how the future generation of comic creators will be finding the medium through Dav Pilkey's work
  • A retrospective of the lasting impression of 1986 in comics
  • Examining the alternative, and why alt/indie comics have a place
  • A look at the current state of book-banning and how it has affected comics
  • From that, a piece about the lack of text for Hebrew readers
  • Charting the story of CD-ROM comics, and how it spoke to the difficulty the industry found with understanding the digital revolution
  • And how Webtoon and other platforms took advantage of that and set their sights on the future
  • PLUS! A short comic by Colin Craker, Michael Molcher talks about his brilliant new non-fiction book on Dredd: I Am The Law, and a Final Thoughts on The Closet.

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PanelxPanel #68 - State of the Art Form

0 ratings
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