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PanelxPanel #65 - The Judd Winick Issue

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PanelxPanel #65 - The Judd Winick Issue

0 ratings

PanelxPanel is the Eisner Award-winning digital magazine celebrating the medium of comics. It’s edited by Tiffany Babb and Strip Panel Naked host Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and features a rotating set of critics, fans, and professionals.

This issue is The Judd Winick Issue! We speak to creator Judd Winick, and give a career retrospective of a time in comics that spans daily newspaper strips, biographical memoir comics, Image Indies, Marvel and DC superheroes, and best-selling all-ages comics.

This is a true celebration of the medium with every issue, looking at all the elements that make comics an interesting art form and a great place to tell visual stories. This is a magazine that cares about comics.

Some of The Judd Winick Issue contents:

  •  An interview between Judd Winick and editor Tiffany Babb, looking through Winick's career
  • Essays on Exiles, Under the Red Hood, HiLo and Pedro & Me.
  • Designer Tom Muller discusses his process for the Best of 2000AD masthead design
  • David Padovani continues his series on Italian comics creators by turning his focus to the master of sequential time, Gianni De Luca
  • An interview with David Chisholm on his new graphic novel Enter the Blue, and the intersection of music and comics
  • Final Thoughts by Tom Shapira on Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Hitman

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