PanelxPanel #64 - Halloween Spooktacular

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PanelxPanel is the Eisner Award-winning digital magazine celebrating the medium of comics. It’s edited by Tiffany Babb and Strip Panel Naked host Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and features a rotating set of critics, fans, and professionals.

This issue is our HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR special! We look at some of our favourite horror comics, and why they work so successfully. 

This is a true celebration of the medium with every issue, looking at all the elements that make comics an interesting art form and a great place to tell visual stories. This is a magazine that cares about comics.

Some of the Halloween Spooktacular features:

  •  An interview between Hyena Hell and Corinne Halbert on creating spooky works of comics
  • The true icon of horror: Spider-Man
  •  Gothic romance in The Me You Love in the Dark
  • An interview with Tate Brombal, write of House of Slaughter, Barbalien and more.
  • The horrors of the Hulk
  • Revisiting the importance of Abby Cable in Saga of the Swamp Thing
  • A short horror comic by Steve Foxe and Michael Ramstead
  • The power of the Alien comics adaptation
  • The role of witches in the Marvel Universe, with Agatha Darkness and Scarlet Witch
  • Final Thoughts on Bernie Wrightson's Creepshow adaptation

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PanelxPanel #64 - Halloween Spooktacular

0 ratings
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