PanelxPanel #30 - 2019 Year In Review

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PanelxPanel is the Eisner Award-winning digital magazine celebrating the medium of comics. It’s edited by Strip Panel Naked host Hass Otsmane-Elhaou, and features a rotating set of writers ranging from critics to professionals, fans and comic stores.

Each issue has two halves across its 100+ ad-free pages. The first, a focus on a particular comic and featuring a series of essays, interviews, process pieces and an exclusive Strip Panel Naked column all focused around that comic. The 30th issue is our 2019 Year in Review, featuring essays on some of our favourite comics and themes from the past 12 months.

The second half features regular articles, interviews, craft essays, a comic, and a series of comic recommendations from a range of comic-related voices.

This is a true celebration of the medium with every issue, looking at all the elements that make comics an interesting art form and great place to tell visual stories. This is a magazine that cares about comics.

Some of the Year in Review features:

- Interview with Daniel Warren Johnson about

- An exclusive Strip Panel Naked article on visual storytelling

- Interview with Cecil Castellucci

- Additional essays and articles on Stokoe's , Carroll's , Lieber/Fraction's , Hickman & co.'s , and more.

For the regular features:

- A short Christmas comic.

- Final Thoughts on Morrison/McKean's by Steph Rose Glass.

-  artist Alex Diotto on his process, in Craft Corner.

- In Big Talk, Grant DeArmitt discusses indie comics promotion with the team behind

Of course, the usual bunch of recommendations from writers, artists, fans, critics and shops as to what they've been enjoying this month.

Available December 18th.

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PanelxPanel #30 - 2019 Year In Review

9 ratings
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